TestStack.Dossier provides you with the code infrastructure to easily and quickly generate test fixture data for your automated tests in a terse, readable and maintainable way using the Test Data Builder, anonymous value and equivalence class patterns.

See Getting Started with Dossier.

For more information please see the blog post that gives the theory behind the approach this library was intended for.

TestStack.Dossier is integrated with NSubstitute for proxy/mock/substitute object generation and AutoFixture for anonymous value generation. Version 1 was integrated with NBuilder for list generation, but that is now replaced with internal code that uses Castle Dynamic Proxy for an even terser syntax.

Prior to v2.0 this library was known as NTestDataBuilder.

Contributions / Questions

If you would like to contribute to this project then feel free to communicate with us via Twitter (@teststacknet) or alternatively submit a pull request / issue.

Feel free to check out our up-for-grabs issues if you don't know where to start.